Reducing Energy Consumption

Having taking this first step to reduce our online impact we have recently added a new feature to the site that reduces power consumption for our site visitors browsing this site. We have took steps to implement the Online Leaf plugin which we’ll describe in a minute.

When browsing a site, your computer will use more energy to display animations, flash content, interactive features, or even displaying simple white colours. This increases the overall energy consumption of your computer, so we have taken steps to reduce this energy consumption for our users.

We achieve this by having an automatic standby mode for the site. When you leave any page of this site running in the background, after a determined time, Online Leaf kicks in with a black web screen saver. This reduces the load on the server which in turn reduces the energy consumption rate of the server.

The other added benefit is that it will also slightly reduce the power consumption of your monitor as it requires less power and consumption for refreshing your screen.

We hope you like our new features and as always, Recycle Fife will continue to protect the environment through our recycling services and by thinking of new ways to reduce our own energy consumption by utilising friendler technologies and developments.